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Private Client Strategies


The investment objective of our Focus Portfolio strategy is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in the equities of a limited number of companies with enhanced growth potential. The Focus Portfolio is non-diversified and typically invests in the stocks of 10 companies. As a result of this focus on a smaller number of companies, industries, and/or economic sectors, the portfolio may be volatile and/or experience high turnover.

Large Cap Growth – Capital Appreciation (CapApp)

Our Capital Appreciation (CapApp) strategy is a Large Cap Growth strategy focusing primarily on the growth characteristics of the companies within our economic and sector themes. The portfolios nonetheless are constructed to mitigate risk and experience less volatility than a traditional Growth portfolio, while achieving superior results.

Large Cap Blend/Core – Risk Averse Asset Management (RAAM)

The primary product offered by Windward is called “Risk Averse Asset Management,” referred to as RAAM. RAAM is available to clients as an all-equity product, or as part of a balanced account containing stocks and bonds.

Equity Income

This strategy is designed for clients who are seeking moderate income with the potential for moderate growth. Dividend paying equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and fixed income securities are used with differing asset allocations, depending on a number of economic factors. Equities, however, will normally be over-weighted in the portfolio.

Balanced Growth

Many investors do not feel that they can accept the risk of an all- equity portfolio. The Windward Balanced Growth account strategy is designed to address this issue by incorporating the potential added stability of bonds to the portfolio RAAM or CapApp equity portfolio. While the size of the bond allocation can be tailored for the client’s individual investment goal, a 30% to 35% allocation to fixed income securities is quite common among our clients.

Balanced Income

With an asset allocation beginning with 65% fixed income and only 35% equities, the Balanced Income accounts are among the most conservative that Windward manages. Many clients with a need for high current income (combined with an opportunity to offset inflation) have found these accounts offer the potential income they need, even as they seek to protect their consumer buying power from inflation. Again, the size and characteristics of the fixed income securities used can be tailored to fit the individual client.

Covered Call Writing

Windward also offers a Covered Call Writing Strategy that is designed to produce increased short-term capital gains through writing covered calls on select equities, generally, possessing higher risk characteristics than the S&P 500 Index. We seek to generate short-term gains on a monthly basis. Our investment and trading process generates both a high portfolio turnover, which results in increased transaction costs and greater risk than a more traditional buy-and-hold or covered call writing strategy, due to the use of leverage in our covered call writing strategy. Often, in-the-money calls are written to offer some downside protection for the underlying equity; however, economic sector and diversification are secondary considerations.

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