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Windward Capital Management Co., located in Los Angeles, offers separately-managed account relationships to institutional and high net worth clients. The firm was founded by Robert Nichols, Ph.D. as a high net worth investment manager catering to a select clientele. Windward has emerged as a top-rated money manager and continues to produce superior risk-adjusted performance behind the portfolio management team of Robert Nichols, Ph.D. and Donald Bessler, CPA.  The firm is 100% employee owned.

Recently, Windward opened up its product offerings to include select institutional accounts. Our goal is not to be asset gatherers, but to grow our business selectively, thereby enabling us to continue to post superior portfolio results without diluting the effectiveness of our investment process.

After many years of managing clients’ assets and assisting them in obtaining their investment goals, our portfolio managers have learned that the best way for us to continue to build our business and our firm’s reputation is to focus on one relationship at a time.

Consistency, Continuity & Conviction

Consistency, Continuity & Conviction are inherent in our firm’s culture and investment process. These principles, deeply ingrained in our portfolios, are at the heart of our passion for investment management. Only by setting an industry example in these areas do we expect to earn our clients’ continuing respect and confidence. While there is a place in our industry for aggressive risk taking, that is not our posture. It is our considered belief that one unit of portfolio decline does infinitely more damage to the client’s portfolio than the benefit the portfolio receives from one unit of portfolio appreciation. With these things in mind, Windward progresses beyond our own excellent past performance with the understanding that we must earn our clients trust every day, regardless of a wide range of investment climates.

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